About us ...

Deep in the Vallée de Joux, the cradle of haute horlogerie, LMH Watches is born, a vibrant testament to a legacy turned on its head, from son to father. Here, tradition isn't just inherited; it's reimagined.

Louis, the wunderkind watchmaker, honed his craft under the tutelage of the Vallée de Joux and Geneva most esteemed masters. With dexterity beyond his years, he infuses each timepiece with a youthful vigor and an old soul's precision. It was his vision that breathed life into LMH, a brand that now stands as a beacon of innovation in a region steeped in watchmaking lore.

Stephane, inspired by his son's ardor, lends his support to the dream, his own passion ignited by Louis' relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, they create watches that echo with the heartbeat of both past and future artisans.

Our narrative is further enriched by Maude, sister and daughter, whose dedication and flair add a layer of elegance and finesse to our family endeavor. At LMH Watches, each second is a celebration of a bond that transcends time—a 28k Mhz symphony  that unites our family in the craftsmanship and adventure of horology.

Special thanks to

In this journey, we are not alone. A heartfelt thanks to our circle of friends and clients, whose trust and enthusiasm for our vision have been the cornerstone of our endeavor. To Edouard, Sissi, Valérie, Jeannette, Marco, Kasia, Maître Lloreda, Claude, Karine, and many others—your support fuels our commitment to excellence. A profound gratitude envelops each of you, as you are as much a part of this story as the watches we so lovingly craft.

LMH Watches – Where Every Second Captures Our Spirited Legacy.